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July 24, 2021 Pandemic causes tourism investment to plummet

The pandemic has battered the global tourism industry, with investment and job creation declining significantly in 2020, according to a report published today by fDi Intelligence, in association with the UN World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). UNWTO figures outlined in the report show that international arrivals in 2020 dropped by 73% from the previous year, precipitating […]

July 3, 2021 Ecosystem collapse: Global GDP risks $2.7trn decline annually –WB report

The World Bank estimates that the collapse of select ecosystem services provided by nature can result in a decline in global Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of 2.7 trillion dollars annually by 2030. The bank, in a statement in Washington on Friday, said this was according to a newly published report, adding that Sub-Saharan Africa and […]

March 1, 2012 Cutting Down On Travel Costs

Even with Skype and Facebook today’s business person still has a lot of travelling to do. Be that as it may, we have to keep our expenses down and business trips are major money guzzlers. Here are a few ways to keep these costs down. Social network sites: Most (perhaps all) airlines and road transport […]

Seeking a break from work

If you are planning a getaway there are over 100 known tourist destinations in the country, however obstacles like the lack of infrastructure and hotel lodging could easily take the pleasure out of the experience. But there are numerous holiday resorts with suitable facilities to ensure that you, your colleagues and your family have a […]

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