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March 1, 2012 Cutting Down On Travel Costs

Even with Skype and Facebook today‚Äôs business person still has a lot of travelling to do. Be that as it may, we have to keep our expenses down and business trips are major money guzzlers. Here are a few ways to keep these costs down. Social network sites: Most (perhaps all) airlines and road transport […]

Regional Maritime Development Bank: Nigeria lags behind

In 2011, the Maritime Organisation of West and Central Africa (MOWCA) gave Nigeria the final approval to start the Regional Maritime Development Bank (RMDB) in the country. The Federal Ministry of Transport confirmed this to the media saying the bank had been given the go ahead to take off. Both the General Assembly of MOWCA […]

Buying The Right Car

You should not purchase a car on a whim. If you have ever gone to the phone shop, purchased a mobile phone that appealed to you, only to get home and find that it did not meet your needs? Now imagine it was a major purchase like a car. Mr. Ufuoma Umukoro, Divisional General Manager, […]

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