Internet: Nigerians Used 753m Terabytes in March

A new report by the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has revealed that Nigerians used not less than 753,388.77 terabytes of data in the month of March 2024.

This is an increase from 562,960.57 terabytes of internet use in March 2023. A further breakdown of the NCC report on data consumption shows that telecom subscribers used 721,522, and 698, 804.54 terabytes in January and February 2024, respectively.

The market share in the month of March 2024, among telecommunication companies also shows that MTN takes the biggest share leading by 81,799,666. A reflection of 37.4%, of the market; followed by Airtel 63,357, 061, representing 28.9% of the share, while Globacom followed closely with 62,191.448 capturing 28.4% while 9moblie had 11,657, and 5.3%.

For the month of March 2024, under review, the NCC report said GSM subscribers increased to 163,895,185, Fixed wire had 21,092, ISP (wired/wireless) 213,876; and VoIP, 238,139, totalling 164,368,292. When juxtaposed with the March 2023 record, mobile GSM is 156,989,223, Fixed Wire, 16,457, ISP (wired/Wireless) 204,810, while VoIP is 340,614.

Broadband penetration for March 2024 increased to 43.53% from the figure recorded in February 2024 and subscription is 94,364,751. In comparative terms with the record of March 2023, the penetration was 48% and subscription was 92,033,267.

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