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If you are planning a getaway there are over 100 known tourist destinations in the country, however obstacles like the lack of infrastructure and hotel lodging could easily take the pleasure out of the experience. But there are numerous holiday resorts with suitable facilities to ensure that you, your colleagues and your family have a refreshing and perhaps even an exhilarating experience.

We drew of up a list of some of the places you would easily fall in love with:

Azumini Blue River Rose

Azurnini Blue River is located in Abia State in the environs of its boundary with Akwa Ibom State. The tranquillity of this place has drawn tourists far and wide to the river. The crystal-clear blue water; canoe rides; sandy beaches, and the relaxation facilities and furniture. At the beach also, BBQ grill are delicacies provided for picnickers.

Yankari National Park
Yankari National Park is arguably the most developed Wildlife Park in Nigeria. It has a lot of attractions and is really famous for its variety of animals on show all through the year, but the tourist-rush is usually during the dry season when the animals converge around the Gaji River: Baboons, Waterbucks, Elephants, Crocodiles, Bushbucks, Duikers, Warthogs, Hippopotamus are among the animals commonly seen at the park. The Wikki Warm Springs is a famous attraction in the Yankari National Park. It is particularly prized for its warm water. It is available both night and day for tourists who cherish swimming. The National Park is located in the South-Eastern area of Bauchi, the capital town of Bauchi State in the North-Eastern part of Nigeria.

Obudu Cattle Ranch
Obudu Cattle Ranch is located in Cross River State in the environs of the Nigeria-Cameroon border in the South-East. The Ranch is over 1,524m, has a lot of green vegetation and grazing of cattle round the year thanks to our temperate climate. The Ranch features a natural swimming pool, horse riding, beautiful waterfall to behold, gorilla camp, bird watching, sporting facilities and accommodation.

Agbokim Waterfalls
This is an extremely captivating sight. It is located in Cross River State lies less than 30km from Ikom a short distance away from the Nigeria-Cameroon border. It is perfect for picnics as the green vegetation surrounding the falls are delightful.

Sillicon Hill
If breath taking sceneries tickle your fancy this is another place for you. It is located near the Nkpologu campus of the Enugu State University of Science and Technology (ESUT). The hill is more than 300 metres above sea level and almost half a kilometre and is set in the midst of beautiful hills, valleys and plains and it all makes for an awe-inspiring blend.

Oguta Lake Holiday Complex
The holiday complex is located in Oguta local government Area of Imo State about 40km away from Owerri, Imo State. Oguta is a fresh water lake and it is the second largest natural lake in the country next to lake Chad. The attractions include:

  • Golf Course with 18 standard international holes.
  • Relic of war (mini bunker) constructed by the defunct Biafran Navy during Civic war.
  • Natural confluence of Oguta Lake and Urashi River.
  • Cruise boat services.
  • Golf Club Bar House/Oguta Lake Motel for refreshment, lodging and feeding.
  • Mini-children recreation park

 In addition there is the “Iron of Liberty” which is the spot where slaves were freed and was marked with a piece of iron pole; a crusade was championed by the late Bishop Samuel Ajayi Crowther.

Abraka River Resort, Abraka
This motel is situated in the peaceful University Town of Abraka, and is perfect for people who seek to escape the noise, hustle, and stress of city life. Hence guests can swim, enjoy boat rides and water sports. They can also fish or simply bask in the warm sun, and on the exquisite sand as they watch the crystal clear Ethiope River flow. They can also play lawn tennis, squash, and badminton on the respective courts. There is also a children’s playground.

Okonni Wildlife Sanctuary
The Okonni Wildlife Sanctuary is located in Benin City, Edo State and it was protected by law for conservation in August 1985, making it the first in the country to be so protected. It is jointly managed by the Edo State Government and the Nigerian Conservation Foundation, (NCF). The sanctuary contains rare species; like the white-throated monkey. You would also find the mona monkeys, the putty nosed quenon, the red-cangaby, chimpanzees, elephants, the bush-baby, the potto buffalo, red river hog, duikers, horn bills, porcupines, etc. The Okonni Forest Reserve is the second largest in the country after the Oban Forests in Cross River State.

Ososo Tourist Centre
Ososo town, on the boundary between Edo and Kogi States, is hilly and rocky. This beautiful scenery of rocks and hills lies about 40 kilometres from Igarra and 200 kilometres from Benin City in Edo State. There is a non-catering Rest House on top of a hill at Ososo, from which you would enjoy a wide view of parts of Kogi State all the way to Niger as well as a crater take with colourful fishes. An amusement park is also being developed.

Ezeagu Tourist Complex
The Ezeagu Tourist Complex is half-hour drive from the capital of Enugu State. The 22 hectares complex is the home of some of the wonders of nature: a lake, a cave and a waterfall (spring water) and the almost 5 kilometres long and multi-compartment Obinofia cave. Some of these tunnels are interconnected, often opening into large chambers which are two to three high and up to ten metres wide.

The environs is a marriage of various land forms with unique weather condition and exotic vegetation.

Confluence of Rivers Niger and Benue:
The confluence of the Rivers Niger and Benue was a wonder to the  Europeans until John and Richard Landers braved it. The passed through it on October 25th 1830 and completed the journey that Mungo Park had started. Rivers Niger and Benue are two largest rivers in West Africa. The two rivers meet at Lokoja forming a Y that drains southwards into the Atlantic Ocean. River Niger is brownish in Colour, but River Benue is light green. There is extensive fishing in these rivers. There are ferry and boat services on the rivers provided by the Inland Water Ways Divisions of the Federal Ministry of Transport.

Owu Waterfalls:
The Owu Waterfall is a delight and it is at Owa Kajola, lfelodun Local Government Area of Kwara State. It is about 120m above water level. The water is ice cold and the area is supremely green and beautiful.

Pategi Beach:
Pategi Kwara State is located along River Niger and enjoys a bounteous stretch of sandy beach where the local fishermen fish. There is the Regatta pavilion on the beach as well as the regatta complex, making the Pategi beach a great holiday resort.

Maiyegun Beach:
The beach is situated within the Maiyegun Tourism Zone of Eti Osa Local Government Area of Lagos State. The Beach is a popular relaxation spot and a site for musical concerts. The project to develop the 9000 square hectares of land around the beach is being completed and we would have a modern resort of international standard of our hands.

Zuma Rock
This beautiful, giant rock is located along Kaduna Abuja highway, Niger State. The rock was used for defensive purposes by the Gwari natives against invading neighbouring tribes during the inter tribal wars. The myth is that the rock possesses certain powers which rendered enemies powerless as well as provided the natives with a good hiding place. As one approaches the rock, a human like face becomes visible on the side of the rock that faces Abuja road, with engravings representing the sockets, the nose and the mouth. Zuma rock is about 107 km from Minna and represents a beautiful and unique natural work of rock formation. The surrounding landscape is fantastic for picnics and lounging.

Gurara Waterfalls
The Gurara falls is a wonder and has been described as Nigeria’s Premier falls. It is located at kilometre 76 along Minna Suleja roads. From Suleja to the junction is about 45 kms while from the junction to the falls is about 2 kms.

Olumo Rock (Tourist Centre) Abeokuta
Olumo Rock is the source of the name of the capital of Ogun State; Abeokuta. ‘Abeokuta’ is Yoruba language for ‘under the rock’. Abeokuta is in the South West of the Republic of Nigeria and is 100 kilometres from Lagos. To the North some 70 kilometres away is the city of Ibadan the capital of Oyo State. The climate is hot and humid with an annual rainfall of 47 inches. The Rock is sacred to the Egbas of Abeokuta because it was the place where they found refuge from their attackers in the days of internecine wars. By l830, the main body of the Egbas had already settled at the site of the Olumo and the refuge provided by the rock marked the end of their wonderings and struggles for existence.

From that time onwards they have regarded Olumo Rock as their protection shrine and they also made annual sacrifice to its deity.

Olumo Rock is a massive outcrop of granite rocks of primitive formation.

The importance of Olumo Rock to the Egba people is conveyed in the assertion that Abeokuta was the gift of the Olumo, as Egypt was the gift of the Nile. To the Egbas, Olumo Rock stands not only as a monument of faith in unity but also a source of strength and unfailing protection and sustenance from the supreme being who led their ancestors through the perplexities of life safely to Abeokuta.

Hence the interpretation of Olumo meaning “Oluwa fi mo” “God has put an end to our wanderings” Officially known as AT3, Olumo Rock is located off Alatise between Ikija and Ikereku neighbourhoods of the town. The highest point of Olumo is about 137 metres above sea levels. Looking from the top one would appreciate the wisdom of the first settlers to have chosen such a perfect bulwark against external invasion.

The name ‘Olumo,’ came about because the Egbas believed that it was who God built the rock and its environs for their safety especially because rock is naturally surrounded by caves. One of which is about twenty feet long and twenty five feet wide. This has slab like stones which appear to serve as seats used by the ancient dwellers. It was probably used as a hall of conference room. Another cave, some twenty metres long and seventy metres wide appears to be the actual dwelling place. It has five built in rooms with a long corridor used as sitting room, kitchen and store. At the east end of it is another bug cave with mud walls in outer and inner chambers. This is used as a shrine by the devotees of Orise Igun (God of Longevity).

The rock received a throng of tourists and the area has been developed and made more accessible for their delight. In addition there are private owned lodgings situated in the area for holiday makers.

Ikogosi Warm & Cold Spring
Ikogosi warm spring is about fifty-five kilometres away from Akure, the state capital of Ondo State but it is actually located in Ekiti West Local Government Area. The warm spring rolls down over a hilly landscape while the cold spring rises from another hill. Both springs meet at a confluence and together they form a continuous stream. The whole landscape is green with fascinating vegetation. The immediate surroundings of the springs is framed by tall evergreen trees, and these form a lovely canopy under which visitors lounge. The vegetation also ensures that there is no erosion.

The spring is said to have some therapeutic effect on certain diseases like rheumatism and guinea worm. The undulating topography is the jewel of the people of Ikogosi.

For the warm spring, the most plausible scientific explanation is that the deeper a body of water goes underground, the hotter it becomes and if by chance it is forced back to the surface through some earth faults, the temperature becomes relatively high. There are well furnished chalets as well as facilities for conference, seminars and catering services.

There is also a Zoological Garden being completed as well as an enlarged swimming pool, tennis courts, table tennis and a golf course on the way. The rehabilitation of all the access would make the town even more attractive to tourists and fun seekers.

Jos Wildlife Park:

Jos Wild Life Park is said to be the most developed man made Wildlife park in Nigeria. It covers 8 square kilometers of land enclosing; hills, streams and varied vegetation with picnic sites. Its fauna collection includes lions, buffalos, pigmy hippos, horses, birds. It also boasts of crocodiles, pytons and other reptiles. There is a restaurant, a play ground, a picnic pine forest, a wildlife museum and a video viewing centre. The park is located on Miango Road , 4 kilometres off Yakubu Gowon way, Jos Plateau State.

Assop Falls
It is located 61 kilometres from Jos Akwanga road in Barkin Ladi Local Government Area of Plateau State . It attracts a lot of visitors especially during the weekends, most of whom seek it as a picnic resort because of the beautiful rocks and trees there. There is an overlooking viewpoint of the falls which is also a frequent location for television soap operas, films and various commercial productions like T.V adverts, photographs sessions for calendars, post cards, posters etc. Visitors go swimming rock climbing and picnicking. There are also thatched huts for lounging and a bar.

Wase Rock
this is Located in the outskirts of Wase town about 216 kilometres South-East of Jos. It is recorded as one of the only 5 dome shaped rocky inselberg in the world. It is also recorded as one of the very few breeding places for white pelican birds in Africa. It is beautiful and massive; it rises abruptly to 350 metres above the plains of Wase town and is a major attraction for curious geographers, geologists, mountaineers, bird watchers and of course holiday makers.

Port Harcourt Tourist Beach
This is located on an artificial sand beach along Kolabi Creek, and is one of the waterfront tourist resorts in Port Harcourt the Capital City of Rivers State. There are lodgings, visitor chalets, restaurants, a conference hall, recreational equipment, and sun bathing sites. The beach is also known for its ensemble of cultural entertainers to the delight holiday makers.

Gashaka/Gumpti Game Reserve: This is reported to be the largest and richest reserve in the South of the Sahara. It contains various Flora and Fauna and it flaunts a variety of bird viewing possibilities. Gashaka/Gumpti Game Reserve is in Taraba State.

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